Preparing my dev laptop with docker from scratch

Problem Statement:

To learn docker, kubernetes and cloud platform and use it for further learning spring boot and python development.


  1. Get a capable machine with minimum Intel I5 or equivalent processor virtualization support, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD. I got my HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15 upgraded.
  2. Install OS which support virtualization and is supported by Docker. I got my laptop upgraded from windows 10 home edition to Windows 10 professional edition. which has now automatically upgraded to windows 11 pro. You can also install Linux OS like Ubuntu or Fedora as your host machine if you prefer.
  3. Created a personal GitHub Account and Docker Hub account…
  4. Installed latest version of Python 3, open JDK 11, Git-bash, Docker desktop for windows, Notepad++, Visual studio code and IntelliJ Idea Community edition for Java.
  5. I was able to create sample repo and sample docker container was up and running.

With base environment ready, I will now start exploring further.