Story of Aanish

Beginning and end of dreams.

In year 2005, With the idea of doing business ,I ended up selecting this name “Aanish Services” later “Aanish” for my start-up. Friends with different expertise and places collaborated together and journey begins. The domain was initially registered in year 2006. We together provided solutions:

  • Java and Visual Basic based desktop application development
  • PHP , ASP, Python based website and web application development
  • Web hosting and Domain registration services
  • Computer and Printer Repairing , Network installation , Server setup and AMC
  • Computer Training

The journey successfully continued till end of year 2007 and operations was completely closed by mid of year 2008.

As a freelance software developer, I worked to deliver multiple project which includes 20+ websites, 12 web application and 2 desktop application for telecom, industrial auction, travel & hospitality, schools and colleges, retail business like grocery store, fertilizer store.

Although the journey ends and we all parted away with individual career path. This small it gives each team member a very good practical experience and helped all of us survive our struggle days. it helped each one to become financially independent from their family.

Critical Learnings:
  • Business is full time job. It demands commitment. You must face challenges, learn, adapt and grow. It cannot be done along with second job in hand.
  • Financial inflow and outflow should be correctly handled.
  • Resource planning, Risk management, Contingency planning, Legal and Market fluctuation should be considered before bidding for a project. Do not quote randomly without proper analysis.
  • Innovation and resource upgradation as per market trend and business flow is important.
  • Never hesitate in taking advice from expert and real-life experienced people.
  • Work responsibilities should be divided. Healthy & clear communication between partners is important.


Burry the past. Do not stuck with it. Move ahead and never repeat mistakes.

Fresh start, fresh targets, new adventure, new experience, and new mistakes and never-ending learnings.